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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Long time no see...

Hi Guys

well I am sorry for my absence but my mojo went on holiday.

Monday saw my regular class and this week we did some stamping on candles.

To do this you need to do the following

1.  Take some tissue paper cream or white works on the cream candles I used, I used white.
2.  Colour your stamp and then stamp onto the tissue paper
3.  Cut around the image as close to the image as you can
4.  Place your image on your candle, use some snail to hold it in position if you need to
5.  Using some wax paper/greaseproof paper, wrap it around your image on your candle and keep taut
6.  Heat with your heat gun until you see your tissue paper 'melt' into your candle
7.  Before taking your greaseproof paper off, smooth your hand over the image to ensure it is as      smooth as possible
8.  If giving as a gift wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon and pretty up

To do the one below you stamp your image using versamark and add embossing powder, shake off excess.  Heat with heat gun.  Now continue from number 3 above and finish your candle.

I hope you like and until next time

Happy crafting

Emma xx

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little something...

Hi Guys

not a crafty post as such but on a forum that I frequent called In Love With Stamping
a lovely lady called Elaine (Sassystamper) posted this and how true it is

  Papercrafting Rules of Acquisition – Rules to Live By

1. You want it, therefore you need it.

2. You need it, therefore you must buy it.

3. All other things you need including food, car insurance, and lunch money are incidental in comparison to what you need for Papercrafting.

4. “You can’t take it with you” applies only to money. Begin getting your loved ones accustomed to the fact that you intend to be buried with your scrapbooks.

5. If you think there is a ghost of a chance that you might use it in a future project, buy it now, because if you need it later, there won’t be a substitute.

6. A Papercrafter must purchase appropriate storage containers, shelves, bins, units, etc. all for scrapbook-related purchases.

7. A Papercrafter has the right and responsibility to discard all previously purchased storage systems in order to purchase a new more appropriate system at any time.

8. Papercrafting is an inexpensive hobby. This can be proved by applying “Blondes Logic” to your purchases. For example, no hobby where the supplies usually cost under £100.00 can possibly be as expensive as big-ticket male hobbies such as restoring vintage cars, radio controlled planes etc. This just makes sense.

9. Papercrafting actually saves money. Papercrafting promotes do-it-yourself philosophy. By applying “Blondes Logic”, you can conclude you can’t afford not to papercraft.

10. Papercrafting makes you happy. If you are happy, then the home is happy.

There you have it it's like the 10 commanments of Papercrafting. Now to inscribe this onto some Chipboard, embellish, make pretty and teach it to those that have not yet taken the path to Papercrafting!

I hope you enjoy and will carry forth this mantra and don't forget to go over and visit ILWS to get inspiration.

Until next time, happy crafting

Emma xx